Welcome to Magnatex!

Established more than 20 years ago, Magnatex is today a leading provider of concrete spalling and floor topping repair services to both the Strata Management and Building Industries in Sydney.

We bring a wealth of experience to a variety of flooring challenges many of which are normally unexpected by our clients and therefore almost always need to be addressed quickly. That's why our service protocols are geared to these "emergency" situations providing both you and your clients with a speedy and quality resolution.


Concrete Spalling Repairs

With Concrete Spalling (Concrete Cancer) we provide a professional
investigation and evaluation service prior to recommending a solution. Here the identification of the source of the problem and therefore the selection of the right product, is crucial in preventing a reoccurrence.

Our Floor Topping Services include removal of existing failed floor toppings such as magnesite and replacement with a self levelling cementitious

We are proud of the quality of work we perform but more importantly we are proud of the positive feedback we receive from our clients,

Magnatex specialises in providing quality solutions to both Concrete Spalling and Floor levelling issues.

Our Services:

  • Magnesite removal
  • Concrete spalling investigations & repair
  • Cementitious toppings

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